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Health / Sunday, August 5th, 2018

The Secret of Beauty and Health

 Do you want to be better health? Everybody wants to be healthy today, but the burden of work and our poor routine have a very bad effect on our body. Today, children are starting to get so much illness, so much so that even the old men will not. If you adopt a healthy routine then your life will change.
Perseverance is needed to keep the body tight, nimble, powerful and attractive. To keep healthy attractive beauty sustainable, balanced food, regular relaxation, and exercise at times is very important. Human being trapped in modern materialism is moving towards luxury. There is a shortage of time for health in busy routine and we prefer comfort and laziness by increasing resources.
5 Tips which is secret of beauty and health and happy Life

1.Drink Water

Water is very important in day-to-day running. You try to drink about 8 glasses of water a day. It communicates new energies for continuous work in you. Drinking less than necessary, there is a complaint of pain, headache and lack of water. Drinking plenty of water will keep you healthy.

2. Morning Walk

The morning time is best suited for running, because the air in the morning is fresh, which contains more oxygen content. Running does not mean that you ran 5 miles daily, you run with a normal speed of 15 to 20 minutes daily, this will make your body’s muscles strong and agile.

3. Yoga

A strong and flexible body, beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health-whatever you want, yoga gives you. Yoga is only partly understood by some asanas(positions) but its benefits are understood only at the body level. We fail to know that Yoga gives us the benefit in physical, mental, and respiratory. Life is full of peace, happiness and more energy when you are with beautiful thoughts.

4. Always Smile

Smiling makes your face glowing and look young. It has now been certified by scientists that you can get better health by laughing more.

5. Do something that you love

Play with pets, swim or jump on trampoline. By doing your favorite tasks, your mood will be good and you will be happy. If your bad day has passed in office,  school then ride a bicycle and singing  take out your anger. This process is not only fun but you will lose yourself for a while. If you want, then experience it.

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